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Catalog # Name Type Host Source Isotype Grade CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight Applications
P3375-07C Anti -PHD3 (Egl Nine Homolog 3, HPH-1, Hypox... Pab Gt Hu AP E B
Recognizes human EGLN3. Species sequence homology: Bovine, canine, mouse and rat.
P3375-06 Anti -PHD3 (HIF-Prolyl hydroxylase 3, EGLN3) Pab Rb Hu IgG AP B
Specific for human HIF prolyl hydroxylase 3. Species Crossreactivity: Mouse. Reactivity is likely with rat due to 26/28 residue ho...
P3375-05 Anti -PHD3 (Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain Contai... Pab Rb Hu IgG AP B
Recognizes human HIF prolyl hydroxylase 3 at ~27kD, representing HIF prolyl hydroxylase 3. This antibody has been tested in 293 ce...
P3375-07B Anti -PHD3 (Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain-contai... Pab Gt Hu IgG AP E B
Recognizes human EGLN3. Species sequence homology: Epitope is 100% homologous to human, mouse, rat, canine, bovine.
P3375-30A Anti -PHD4 (PH4, PH-4, Prolyl Hydroxlase Dom... Pab Rb Hu AP B
This antibody is specific for prolyl hydroxylase 4. Species Crossreactivity: Human. Does not appear to work in mouse. Other specie...
101 - 105 of 105<123