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Catalog # Name Type Host Source Isotype Grade CAS Number Molecular Formula Molecular Weight Applications
S5380-01 Anti -Spectrin, alpha, beta (SPTA, SPTB) Mab Mo Hu IgM P E IH
Recognizes the alpha (240kD) and beta (220kD) subunits of human spectrin. This antibody has not been cross-adsorbed and may react ...
S5380-01B Anti -Spectrin, alpha, beta (SPTA, SPTB, Spe... Mab Mo Hu IgG1 AP B
Recognizes human spectrin.
S5381-25B Anti -Spectrin, beta (Spectrin beta Chain Er... Mab Mo Hu IgG2b SUP B IH
Recognizes human beta-Spectrin.
S5380-15 Anti -Spectrin, beta 2 (Spectrin beta Chain ... Pab Rb Hu IgG AP IP IH
Recognizes human Spectrin, beta 2. Species Sequence Homology: Mouse and rat - 100%.
S5381-25 Anti -Spectrin, beta, Erythrocytic (Erythroi... Mab Mo Hu IgG1 ASC B IP IC
Recognizes the 220kD human erythroid b-spectrin. Present in the membranes of human skeletal muscle cells.
S5380-12A Anti -Spectrin, beta1 (Spectrin beta 1, Beta... Mab Mo Hu IgG1 ASC B IF
Detects spectrin from erythrocytes, brain and muscle cells. This antibody has been shown to specifically detect the two known alte...
S5381-04A Anti -Sptan1 (Spectrin alpha Chain, Non-eryt... Pab Rb Mo IgG AP B IH
Recognizes mouse alpha-Fodrin. Species Crossreactivity: human, rat and chicken.
51 - 57 of 57<12