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Caspase 7 Immunoassay Kit, BioAssay™ (Mch-3, ICE-LAP3, CMH-1)


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Caspases play a key role in initiation of cellular events during apoptosis. The Caspase-7 Immunoassay Kit provides an effective immunosorbent enzyme assay for the specific, quantitative detection of caspase-7 activity in microtiter plates. The assay utilizes caspase-7 polyclonal antibody to capture activated caspase-7 from cell lysates. Substrate DEVD-AFC is then added that is cleaved proportionally to the amount of activated caspase-7 in the cell lysate. The cleavage generates free AFC which is then analyzed fluorometrically (Ex 400nm and Em 505nm) using a fluorescence plate reader. The assay ensures absolute specific detection of caspase-7. Other known caspases and non-specific proteases are not detected.
Catalog #C2087-29B
Kit Components• Cell Lysis Buffer
• Coating Buffer
• Anti-Caspase-7 Antibody (20X)
• Blocking Buffer
• Incubation Buffer
• DTT (1M)
• DEVD-AFC Substrate (1mM)
• Positive Control (rh-Caspase-7)
• Microtiter Plate
• Adhesive Plate Cover
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