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Heparan Sulfate, Na Salt, Bovine


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Heparan sulfate, bovine, is specially prepared from bovine kidney, purified by a combination of chromatographic and chondroitinase ABC treatment.
Catalog #H1890-55
Heparan sulfate, otherwise known as heparitin sulfate or heparin monosulfate, is a generic term describing polysaccharides which are linear and consist of N-acetylated [->4)alpha-D-GlcNpAc-(1->4)ß-D-GlcAp(1->] and N-sulfated disaccharides [->4)alpha-D-GlcNpS-(1->4)-ß-D-GlcAp or alpha-L-IdoAp(1->] that are arranged mainly in a segregated manner. The sulfate-rich fractions in heparan sulfate are heparin-like, though they rarely possess the sulfate density found in heparin. Approximately 25% of the total polymer is initially formed by alternating arrangements of the two disaccharide units, ->4)alpha-D-GlcNpS(1->4)UAp(1->4)alpha-D-GlcNpAc(1->4)UAp (1->4)-alpha-D-GlcAp(1->. The polymer is formed as a repeating ->4)-alpha-D-GlcNpAc(1->4)-ß-D-GlcAp(1-> disaccharide sequence that is attached to a serine residue of a core protein through a tetrasaccharide, glucuronosyl->galactosyl->galactosyl->xylosyl, linkage region. It then undergoes partial N-deacetylation followed by N-sulfation of the newly exposed amino groups, partial C-5 epimerization of D-GlcAp to L-IdoAp and O-sulfation. O-sulfates are always found in proximity to N-sulfates which enhances the clustering of the sulfate residues and the heterogeneity in chemical composition and charge density of heparan sulfate.
CAS Number57459-72-0
Purity (TLC)Single band
AppearanceWhite to off-white powder
Total Nitrogen2.6-3.6%
Total Sulfur57%
Solubility (Turbidity), 1mg/ml in waterClear to very slightly hazy
IR SpectrumConforms to structure
Alternate namesBovine Kidney; Heparitin Sulfate; Heparin Monosulfate; N?Acetylheparan Sulfate

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