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"Chili Peppers Usage Guide"

Style:   Tex-Mex
Serves:   Many



The original Nahautl word for sweet green peppers was chilli. The Spaniards changed the spelling to chile, and in turn the English and Americans used chili. Although chili was once limited to green pepper, it is now used as a generic title for all peppers, etc. In Mexico, there is endless variety ranging through all degrees of hotness from the sweet chili ancho to the small hot brown chili piquin. Many varieties are canned. Where these are not available, various peppers found in the U.S.A. may be substitued, such as small red Italian peppers; or chili powder, to taste, with a dash of Tabasco sauce for zest.

For chili ancho --use bell or green peppers

chili poblano -- use bell or green peppers

chili pasilla - use green peppers dried in the sun

chili serrano - use any variety small red or green hot pepper

chili jalapeno -- use any variety small red or green hot pepper

chile verde - use canned green chili peppers (like Ortega brand)

chili mulato - use any hot pepper


History and definitions about Chili Peppers