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Electrophoresis Grade Agarose is manufactured from selected algae and harvested during specific periods of growth to produce gels that are easier to prepare than the equivalent polyacrylamide gels. Low EEO Agarose is recommended for a wide array of molecular biology procedures and offers enhanced resolution ensuring high recovery of biologically active DNA, high cloning efficiency and consistent reproducibility.



  • Analytical DNA Gels ≥ 1000bp
  • Blotting Assays (Southern, Northern)
  • Radial Immunodiffusion
  • Restriction Enzyme digestion products
  • For use with all buffer systems


A1015 is the workhorse Agarose gel of the US Biological products. It has the best performance characteristics for the widest variety of DNA applications. It provides the best resolution and lowest melting point of the Agarose products.

A1020 is suitable for protein and large DNA separations ≥1000bp. The low melting temperature allows for the recovery, without damage, of nucleic acids below their denaturing temperatures.

A1025, High Gel Strength Agarose Combines very high gel strength with low EEO and is a good choice for high speed, high temperature pulsed field gel electrophoresis applications.

A1045, Extra High EEO Agarose is especially suitable for large molecule applications due to the exceptionally high cathode migration possible.

Agarose DNA Fragment products (A1000, A1005, A1010, A1012) are manufactured specifically for small primer size fragments in the range of 10-2000 base pairs and they exhibit exceptionally high transparency even at high concentrations (5%).


United States Biological Agarose products

Catalog #

Product Name

point (1.5%)

Gel point (1.5%)

strength (1.5%)


A1000 Agarose DNA Fragments 10-500bp ≤ 75°C (3%) 24-28°C (3%) ≥ 200g/cm2
≤ 0.12
A1005 Agarose DNA Fragments 50-1000bp ≤ 75°C (3%) ≤ 35°C (3%) ≥ 750g/cm2 ≤ 0.13
A1010 Agarose DNA Fragments 150-1500bp ≤ 89ºC (4%) ≤ 40°C (4%) ≥ 2000g/cm2 ≤ 0.12
A1012 Agarose DNA Fragments 50-2000bp (3:1 Blend) ≤ 93°C ≤ 40.5°C ≥ 2000g/cm2 ≤ 0.12
A1015 Agarose Low EEO (MB) 86.5-89.5°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 2500g/cm2 0.09-0.13
A1016 Agarose Low EEO (EP) 86.5-89.5°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 2500g/cm2 0.09-0.13
A1020 Agarose Low Melting ≤ 66°C 24-28°C ≥ 500g/cm2 ≤ 0.12
A1025 Agarose High Gel Temp 85.5-88.5°C 39.5-42.5°C ≥ 1200g/cm2 ≤ 0.14
A1030 Agarose High Gel Strength 86-90°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 3000g/cm2 ≤ 0.135
A1035 Agarose Med EEO 86.5-89.5°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 2000g/cm2 0.16-0.19
A1040 Agarose High EEO 86.5-89.5°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 1000g/cm2 0.23-0.26
A1045 Agarose Extra High EEO 86.5-89.5°C 34.5-37.5°C ≥ 1100g/cm2 ≥ 0.30