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Native Proteins


The demand for proteins for research purposes has significantly increased over the years. They are the central machinery in all cells and organisms and form one of the most sought after diagnostic targets. Native proteins form a large part of such research due to their unhampered activity, untagged status and wild type condition. They are of great use especially when the possibility of getting a recombinant version is compromised due to multiple reasons. United States Biological is delighted to offer numerous human/bovine/porcine origin native proteins from multiple sources like plasma, serum, erythrocytes, neutrophils, platelets and other tissues. These proteins are highly pure and can be used for multiple applications.


Native Proteins

Cat #

Product Name


C1035-27 Active Human Calpain 1   100 µg 
C1035-27L Active Porcine Calpain 1   100 μg 
A2255-01 Alkaline Phosphatase, Calf Intestine    10 μg / 50 μg
A2255-02 Alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin, Human Plasma    100 μg 
A2255-03 Alpha 1 Antitrypsin, Human Plasma    1 mg 
A2255-04 Alpha 2 Antiplasmin, Human Plasma    100 μg 
M1150-01B Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, Human Plasma    1 mg 
M1150-01P Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, Human Plasma, Fast Form    1 mg 
A2294-05A Angiostatin Human   100 μg / 500 μg 
A2255-07 Antithrombin III, Human Plasma    500 μg 
167754 APO-J / Clusterin   10 µg /  500 µg 
A2255-08 Apolipoprotein AII, human plasma    500 μg 
A2255-09 Apolipoprotein AIV, human plasma    50 μg 
A2255-10 Apolipoprotein B, human plasma    500 μg 
A2299-61H Apolipoprotein CI, Human Plasma   100 µg 
A2299-65M Apolipoprotein CII, Human Plasma   50 µg 
A2299-68N Apolipoprotein CIII, Human Plasma   100 µg 
A2255-11 Apolipoprotein E, human plasma    50 μg 
A2255-12 Apotransferrin, Human Plasma   100 mg 
A2255-13 Aprotinin   5 mg 
A2255-14 Azurocidin, human neutrophil (Cationic protein 37)    100 μg 
B2704-14 Bacterial/Permeability-Increasing Protein, Human Neutrophil 50 μg /  100 μg 
C2650 C1 Esterase inhibitor, Human Plasma    1 mg 
C2650-01 Calmodulin, Bovine Brain    500 μg 
C2650-02 Catalase, Human Erythrocytes   1 mg 
C2650-03 Cathepsin B (active, human)   5 µg 
C2650-04 Cathepsin D (active, human)   5 µg 
C2650-05 Cathepsin G, Human Neutrophil   100 µg 
C2650-06 Cathepsin H (active, human)   5 µg 
C2900-03 Ceruloplasmin, Human Plasma   1 mg 
C5069-21A Chorionic Gonadotropin (CG), human   1 mg 
C2650-07 Chylomicrons, human plasma    1 mg 
H5110-10B Core Histones (Human)   50 μg / 100 μg 
D6025 Defensins, Alpha, Mixed from Human Neutrophils 25 μg 
C2277-06V Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV, Human Placenta   10 mU 
E2255-25 Elastase, Human Neutrophil   100 µg 
E3331-02A Eosinophil Peroxidase, Human Eosinophils     10 μg / 50 μg 
F0011-75A Factor Va, Human Plasma    10 μg / 50 μg 
F5900-33A FSH, human   50 µg 
K0300-03B Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH) subunits, powder    1 mg 
K0300-03E Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH) subunits, solution    20 mg 
K0300-03F Hemocyanin-Keyhole Limpet (KLH), Native    25 mg 
H3550-03 Histone Protein   10 mg 
J0001 Jacalin   5 mg / 25 mg / 100 mg
K0005-01A Kallikrein, Human Plasma   50 μg 
K0012 Kininogen, HMW, Human Plasma    100 μg 
K0013 Kininogen, LMW, Human Plasma    100 μg 
L2203 Lactalbumin, human milk    5 mg 
L1021-74F Lactoferrin, Human Neutrophil   100 μg 
L2600-03 Lipoprotein a [Lp(a)], Human Plasma   50 µg 
L2600-51B Lipoprotein, Human Plasma, Low Density   1 mg 
L2600-51C Lipoproteins, Human Plasma, High Density   1 mg 
L2601-18 Lipoproteins, Human Plasma, Intermediate Density   1 mg 
L2601-20A Lipoproteins, Human Plasma, Very Low Density   1 mg 
M2202 Myeloperoxidase, Human Neutrophil   100 µg 
P4258-25G PF 4, human platelets   20 µg 
P4256-01G Plasmin, Human Plasma   1 mg 
M2424-08C Pro-MMP-8, human   5 μg 
P1212 Proteinase 3 (PR3), Human Neutrophil    25 μg 
T0201 Thrombin, Active, Bovine Plasma (High Activity)    1 KU / 10 KU / 100 KU 
T0202 Thrombin, Active, Bovine Plasma (Technical grade)    1 KU / 10 KU / 100 KU
T0203 Thrombin, Active, Human Plasma     250 U / 1000 U 
T0204 Thrombin, Active, Porcine blood    1 KU / 10 KU / 100 KU 
T5110-01A Thrombospondin, human   25 μg 
T5580-16C TIMP-1, human neutrophil granulocytes   5 μg 
T5585-30 TIMP-2, human fibroblasts   5 μg 
T0205 Trypsin, Human Pancreas    50 μg 
U1222 Urokinase, human   100 µg / 1 mg 
V2200-02Q Vitronectin, Human Plasma   100 μg