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New Products: Rabbit Plasma, Sera, and Tissues

blood cells


United States Biological supplies rabbit serum, plasma, and tissue products for use in diagnostics and molecular biology research. All raw materials are collected from licensed USDA facilities and are certified to be free of infectious diseases. Manufacturing batch records are kept on file, maintaining complete traceability to raw material and production processes.



Catalog #

Product Name

C7849-35 Complement, Rabbit
A0905-05R Adrenal Gland, Rabbit
A2298-50R Aorta, Rabbit
A4155-05R Atrium, Rabbit
B2698-05R Brain, Rabbit
B2698-06R Brain (Stripped), Rabbit
E3380-05R Epididymis, Rabbit
E3510-05R Esophagus, Rabbit
E9050-05R Eye, Rabbit
F4105-05R Fetus, Rabbit
H9785-05R Hypothalamus, Rabbit
I8443-05R Intestine, Rabbit
K1750-05R Kidney, Rabbit
L3150-05R Liver, Rabbit
L7350-05R Lung, Rabbit
O8087-05R Ovary, Rabbit
P2990-05R Pancreas, Rabbit
P4210-05R Pituitary, Rabbit
S0475-05R Sciatic Nerve, Rabbit
S5500-05R Spinal Cord, Rabbit
S5550-05R Spleen, Rabbit
S7973-60R Stomach, Rabbit
S7995-05R Submaxillary, Rabbit
T5274-05R Thymus, Rabbit
T5348-05R Thyroid, Rabbit
T8170-05R Trachea, Rabbit
U7000-05R Uterus, Rabbit
H1828-05R Heart, Rabbit