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Searching the Catalog

To search the entire catalog, enter some search terms into the Quick Search box on the left. Upon executing the search, you will be shown the set of products matching the supplied terms.

To search within just the antibodies list, enter your terms into the Antibody Search box.

The page of results shown for either of these options will supply controls for refining your search.

Refining Your Results

If you're looking for a specific multi-word phrase, put the entire phrase inside quotes. "Buffer Exchange"

If you're looking for one or the other of two words/phrases, you can use the OR operator mouse or human mouse || human

If you want to exclude a certain word, you can use the NOT operator not hamster -hamster

Of course, you can combine these operations however you'd like. "random primer 6" || "random primer 8" -biotin

Search Options

You can constrain your search results to a specific category by choosing one from the Category drop down menu.

The Search Product Descriptions option will search the entire description for the supplied terms. By default, the search engine will only examine the titles of products

The Match Whole Words Only option is best illustrated by example. If you search for: peptide and Match Whole Words Only is disabled, your results could include the words polypeptide, propeptide If the option is enabled, the results have to match the word exactly.

Found Sets

Controls are provided to constrain and expand the results of a search. After making a search, two buttons called Add to Found Set and Search Within Found Set become available in addition to the Search button.

Add to Found Set searches for the terms provided and adds that result set to the current result set, effectively increasing the number of results. This is like using the OR operation on the two sets of terms.

Search Within Found Set searches for the terms provided and combines the two result sets, so only the items that match both sets of criteria will show up.

There is a "breadcrumb trail" above the results table so you can keep track of and navigate your search history.

Search Profiles

If you're a registered user, you can save a Search Profile to ensure that only the results that are relevent to you will show up in your searches. A Search Profile works by constraining all future searches by a set of criteria you define.

To create a search profile, just search the catalog or view a category of products. For example, if you're only interested in our DNA-related Kits and Assays, you could do a search for DNA and set the Category dropdown menu to "Kits and Assays."

To turn this result set into a search profile, click the link next to Current Search Profile. This link will say None if no profile is enabled, or the name of the currently enabled profile. This will pop up a box asking you to either: create and name a new profile based on your current found set, or select an existing profile to use.

After creating it, all future searches and category listings will be constrained to only include the results that match the profile. You can turn off your search profile or change profiles at any time by going to your account settings.