Technical Data
CaM Kinase II, alpha (Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II)
CaM Kinase II (Ca 2+ /calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II) is a multifunctional Ca 2+ /calmodulin-dependent serine/threonine kinase which is able to phosphorylate a variety of proteins in response to Ca 2+ signals. This kinase participates in the regulation of numerous cellular functions including: 1) metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids, 2) neurotransmitter synthesis and release, 3) regulation of ion ux through ion channels, 4) Ca 2+ homeostasis, 5) cytoskeletal function, and 6) Ca 2+ -regulated changes in gene expression. CaM kinase II is broadly expressed and is highly concentrated in brain particularly in cortical structure and hippocampus. This kinase also plays an essential role in induction of long-term potentiation. Puri ed rat brain CaM kinase has an apparent molecular weight of ~540kD and consists of isozymes composed of various ratios of 54kD (a), 58kD (b), 60kD (b), 59kD (g) and 60kD (d) in a holoenzyme containing 1012 subunits. The primary difference in the subunit isoforms lies in the variable region located at the carboxyl-end of the calmodulin binding domain. Ca 2+ /calmodulin-stimulated autophosphorylation of CaM kinase II occurs on multiple residues. In particular, autophosphorylation on residue Thr 286 /Thr 287 within the regulatory domain results in full activation of the enzyme, and in the generation of Ca 2+ /calmodulin-independent activity. Autophosphorylation has also been reported to increase the af nity of CaM kinase for Ca 2+ /calmodulin.

Suitable for use in ELISA, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation and Western Blot. Other applications not tested.

Recommended Dilution:
ELISA: 0.1-1ug/ml
Immunohistochemistry (Paraf n): 1-5ug/ml
Immunoprecipitation/IP Kinase Assays: 2ug
Western Blot: 1ug/ml
Optimal dilutions to be determined by the researcher.

Storage and Stability:
May be stored at 4C for short-term only. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Store at -20C. Aliquots are stable for 12 months. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap.
MabIgG2a,k3G55Affinity Purified
100ug-20CBlue IceRatMouse
Puri ed rat brain CaM Kinase.
Purified by immunoaffinity chromatography.
Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.4, 0.09% sodium azide.
Recognizes the alpha subunit of rat CaM Kinase II. No signi cant crossreactivity was seen with the Beta, Beta1, gammaB, epsilonA, epsilonB and epsilonC isoforms. The epitope is located in the regulatory domain. Species Crossreactivity: human, mouse and gold sh.
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.
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