Technical Data
Columbia Blood Agar Base (Powder)
Microbiological Grade
Storage RT/4C    Shipping RT
Components shown as g/liter
Casein Digest Peptone5.0
Corn Starch1.0
Peptic Digest of Animal Tissue8.0
Sodium Chloride5.0
Yeast Enriched Peptone10.0
Supplemented with blood an excellent general purpose growth medium for fastidious organisms.

Columbia Blood Agar Base is usually prepared with horse, sheep, or rabbit blood to determine the hemolytic reactions of fastidious pathogenic microorganisms. Columbia Blood Agar Base can be prepared as Blood Agar or Chocolate Agar or used without blood as a general purpose medium. This medium contains a highly nutritious combination of peptones. The addition of starch enhances the recovery of Neisseria, and hemolytic reactions of some streptococci.

Directions: 1. Dissolve 43grams per liter of distilled/ deionized (DDI) water, heating with stirring until completely solubilized.2. Dispense into appropriate containers, loosen caps and autoclave for 15 minutes at 121C (15psi).

3. Prepare 5 to 10% blood agar by adding the appropriate volume of sterile defibrinated blood to melted sterile agar medium, cooled to 45-50C. Dispense into Petri dishes or tubes. Storage:Store powdered media at RT. Opened bottles should be capped tightly and kept in a dark, low humidity environment. Prepared media should be kept at 4C and used within a short period of time.

Microbiological Analysis: Escherichia coli ATCC 25922

Appearance: Beige, homogeneous, free flowing powder.

Solubility: Cherry-red, opaque.

pH (25C): 7.30.2

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.