Technical Data
Crystallin AB (Alpha crystallin B chain, CryAB, Alpha (B)-crystallin, Rosenthal fiber componet, Heat-shock protein beta-5, HspB5, CryA2, AACRYA, Alpha crystallin B chain, CRYA2, Crystallin alpha polypeptide 2, CTPP 2, CTPP2, Heat shock 20kD like protein,
Alpha-crystallin is one of the major structural proteins in the vertebrate eye lenses (2). It occurs as large aggregrates of up to 106 Da composed of two gene products, alphaA-and alphaB-crystallin. These two subunits have a sequence homology of approximately 57%. In humans, the alphaA-crystallin gene encodes a polypeptide of 173 residues and the alphaB-crystallin gene encodes a 175 residue polypeptide. They are related to the small heat proteins (sHspís) (3). The alphaB-crystallin protein, like sHspís, is induced by heat and osmotic shock (4). In addition, alpha-crystallin and sHspís protect other proteins against heat-induced aggregation (6). The two other crystallin families, ß and gama, are homologous to each other but not to the alpha family or the sHspís.

Western Blot (Colorimetric): 1:1,000
Optimal dilutions to be determined by researcher.

Positive Controls:
Bovine alpha-Crystallin Protein
Bovine alphaA-Crystallin Protein
Bovine alphaB-Crystallin Protein
50ul-20°CBlue IceHumanRabbit
Synthetic peptides EEKPTSAPSS and REEKPAVTAAPKK based on the human alphaA crystallin (residues 164-173) and the human alphaB crystallin (residues 163-175) respectively (6), was synthesized and the peptide coupled to KLH.
The antibody Detects a ~20 kD protein, corresponding to the apparent molecular masses of alphaA/alphaB-crystallin on SDS-PAGE immunoblots, in samples from bovine. There is no reactivity with beta-crystallin.
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.
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