Technical Data
Deoxycholate Agar (Powder)
Microbiological Grade
Storage RT/4C    Shipping RT
Components shown as g/liter
Peptic Digest of Animal Tissue5.0
Casein Digest Peptone5.0
Sodium Chloride5.0
Dipotassium Phosphate2.0
Ferric Citrate1.0
Neutral Red0.03
Sodium Deoxycholate1.0
Sodium Citrate1.0
Isolation of enteric bacilli and differentiation of lactose fermenters.

Deoxycholate Agar was first described by Leifson for the isolation of intestinal pathogens and for the enumeration of colon bacilli in milk and water. In the microbiological analysis of dairy products and water, Deoxycholate Agar is normally used for enumeration of conforms in pour plates. It may also be used for isolation of enteric pathogens by surface inoculation from rectal swabs, feces or other specimens. Deoxycholate Agar should be used in parallel with other plating media when used for this purpose. Sodium deoxycholate and sodium citrate are incorporated in the medium to inhibit the growth of Gram positive organisms. Fermentation of lactose causes an acid reaction in the medium resulting in the formation of deep red colonies.

Store the sealed bottle containing the dehydrated medium at 2 to 30.0C. Once opened and recapped, place the container in a low humidity environment at the same storage temperature. Protect it from moisture and light. The dehydrated medium should be discarded if it is not free flowing or if the color has changed from the original light pinkish-beige color.

Directions: 1. Dissolve 46grams per liter of distilled/ deionized (DDI) water, heating with stirring until completely solubilized.

2. Pour plates can be prepared after the medium has been cooled to 45-50C. Do not autoclave. Storage:Store powdered media at RT. Opened bottles should be capped tightly and kept in a dark, low humidity environment. Prepared media should be kept at 4C and used within a short period of time.

Microbiological Analysis: Escherichia coli ATCC 25922

Appearance: Pinkish-beige, homogeneous, free flowing powder.

Solubility: Brownish-red, clear to slightly turbid.

pH (25C): 7.30.2

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.