Technical Data
Kappa Light Chain (HCAK1, Ig kappa Chain C Region, IGKC, Immunoglobulin kappa Constant Region, Immunoglobulin kappa Light Chain, Kappa 1 Immunoglobulin Light Chain, Km, MGC111575, MGC62011, MGC72072, MGC88770, MGC88771, MGC88809)
Useful in the identification of leukemias, plasmacytomas, and certain non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The most common feature of these malignancies is the restricted expression of a single light chain class. Demonstration of clonality in lymphoid infiltrates indicates that the infiltrate is clonal and therefore malignant.

Positive Control: Tonsil

Applications and Suggested Dilutions:
Immunohistochemistry (Frozen & formalin/paraffin)
(Use Ab at 1:50-1:100 for 30 min at RT)
[Staining of formalin-fixed tissues REQUIRES boiling tissue sections in 10mM citrate buffer, pH 6.0, for 10-20 min followed by cooling at RT for 20 min.]

Cellular Localization: Cell membrane
500ul-20°CBlue IceHumanRabbit
Not determined
Kappa light chains purified from human Bence Jones proteins.
Concentrated antisera
Supplied as concentrated antisera in 10mM PBS, pH 7.4, 15mM sodium azide, 0.2% BSA. Also supplied without BSA and sodium azide. See K0090X.
Specific to the kappa light chain of immunoglobulin. Reacts with Human, Baboon, Monkey and Rat. Does not react with canine.
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.