Technical Data
MetaboLyte™ Screening Kit
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MetaboLyte™ Production Platform Kits:
Just Three kits are needed to proceed from parent drug to the production of metabolites
2 hour Protocol per kit
Suitable for the preparation of metabolites for MSMS and NMR
Biomimetics reproduces CYP P450 enzyme chemistry (CYP) present in hepatocytes
Rapid chemistry and inexpensive platform
Replaces the need for microsomes
Scales up to grams

Speed up Metabolite Design:
Innovative approach is based on a diverse set of chemical reaction conditions that mimic the primary drug metabolism reactions. HepatoChem™ technology mimics hepatic human cytochrome P450 enzyme chemistry. By using broad panels, reaction conditions are rapidly identified that can generate specific drug metabolites in large quantities. When a reaction condition is identified, it is optimized and scaled up to produce from milligram to gram quantities of metabolites using a multi-kit format.

Screening Kit, MetaboLyte™
Catalog No: M3008-10
Direct synthesis of metabolites from parent drug
Complete Kit includes all solvents and reagents for 2x22 screening reaction conditions.
2 plates included.

Optimization Kit, MetaboLyte™
Catalog No: M3008-20
Identifies best production conditions.
Complete Kit includes all solvents and reagents for optimization of selected screening reaction conditions.
1 plate included.

Production Kit, MetaboLyte™
Catalog No: M3008-30
isolate and scale-up metabolite
Complete Kit includes all solvents and reagents for your metabolite at 0.01mmol scale.

Custom Kit, MetaboLyte™
Catalog No: M3008-40
Explore new chemistries

HepatoChem™ Technology Features:
• Fast
• Inexpensive
• Reproducible
• Scaleable from ug to mg to gram
• Convenient Room Temperature reagents
• Easy to use
• Direct synthesis of Metabolites from parent drug
• Authentication with biological reference samples
• Rapid optimization in hours

Common Biotransformation Reactions:
• Aliphatic Hydroxylation
• N-Dealkylation
• O-Dealkyation
• Cleavage
• N-Oxidation
• S-Oxidation
• Rearrangement
• Formylation
Which is the amount of parent drug you have to put in each well of the screening kit?
0.625 umol per well

In your screening kit, are positive controls present?
The kiit is tested for reproducibility as part of our internal QC procedures. There are no positive controls needed.

Have you validated your kit? If yes, will it be possible to receive the validation documentation?
The kit was validated using a series of internal control compounds; however the information is not publically available.

All Kits are subject to the following End User Licensing Agreement:
Before using this Kit containing the Licensed Kit, please read carefully the following binding terms and conditions of this agreement. If you break the seal on this Kit you are signifying your agreement to be bound by this license agreement between you (either individually or as the authorized representative of an entity) and HepatoChem™. If you do not accept the terms of this license agreement, you must return the HepatoChem™ Kit to United States Biological or HepatoChem™ with the seal unbroken.
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.