Technical Data
m-Green Yeast & Fungi Broth (Powder)
Microbiological Grade
Storage 4C    Shipping RT
Formulation per Liter: g/L
Bromcresol Green0.026
Magnesium Sulfate2.1
Enzymatic Digest of Animal Tissue5
Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic2
Enzymatic Digest of Casein5
Yeast Extract9
Total: 73g/L
Detection of fungi in analysis of beverages by membrane filter technique.

m-Green Yeast and Fungi Broth is a relatively more complex formula compared to other media used for isolation of fungi and yeast. This formulation is rich in nutrients which allows for excellent fungal growth. Bacterial growth is inhibited by an acid pH.

Appearance: Light greeen-beige, homogeneous free flowing powder

Solubility: Blue to green, clear and complete. A slight precipitate may form

pH: As Reported

Directions per Liter: Dissolve 73 grams in 800-900ml of ddH2O stirring gently with heating until completely solubilized. Adjust pH of the medium to the desired level. Add additional water to bring the solution to 1L. Dispense into appropriate containers, loosen caps and autoclave for 15 minutes at 121C (15psi).

Storage and Stability: Store powdered media at 4C. Opened bottles should be capped tightly and kept in a dark, low humidity environment. Prepared media should be kept at 4C and used within a short period of time.

Enzymatic Digest of Casein and Enzymatic Digest of Animal Tissue provide nitrogen, carbon, and amino acids in m- Green Yeast and Fungi Broth. Yeast Extract is the vitamin source. Dextrose is an energy source for metabolism of fungi. Potassium Phosphate is a buffering agent. Magnesium Sulfate, Thiamine, and Diastase (a mixture containing amylolytic (starch) enzymes) provide essential ions, minerals, and nutrients. Bromcresol Green is the pH indicator, facilitating visualization and counting of fungal colonies. The colonies are green due to diffusion of Bromcresol Green into the colonies. Acidic end products from colonies diffuse into the medium, further reducing the pH and causing the indicator to turn yellow (acid reaction) around the colonies.:

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.