Technical Data
ImmunoTek™ Nitro Blue Tetrazolium (NBT) 0.489mM Staining System for AP
Molecular Biology Storage: 4°CShipping: RT
ImmunoTek™ Nitro Blue Tetrazolium (NBT) 0.489mM Staining System for AP

Stable NBT solution useful in blotting assays for measuring dehydrogenases and in oxidase histochemistry for measuring oxygen and analyte detection systems that employ dehydrogenase enzyme chemistry. NBT has been employed extensively in dehydrogenase and oxidase chemistry. In the case of dehydrogenases, NAD or NADP along with intermediary electron acceptors/donors such as phenazine methosulfate, Meldola’s blue and ferricyanide are employed. NADH or NADPH formed during the dehydrogenase reaction transfers electrons to the acceptor which in turn reduces NBT to an insoluble purple formazan. Enzymes such as xanthine oxidase and NADPH oxidase generate superoxide anion (O2-) which reduces NBT directly.

Colorless, pale yellow, complete

8.5 ± 0.1

Stable at RT and 4°C

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• Single component system
• Exhibits low background levels
• Safe to use - no weighing of hazardous powders
• Save preparation time - use right out of the bottle
• Ultra-low sensitivity
• Minimal lot-to-lot variation
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.