Technical Data
RANTES, Recombinant, Human (Regulated on Activation, Normal T-cell Expressed and Secreted)
Molecular Biology Storage: -20CShipping: Blue Ice
Recombinant Human Rantes produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 68 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 7809.2 Dalton. Recombinant Human Rantes is purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.

Amino Acid Sequence:
The sequence of the first five N-terminal amino acids was determined and was found to be Ser-Pro-Tyr-Ser-Ser.

Biological Activity:
ED50 Range = 5.0-2.0ng/ml, determined by the dose dependent chemotaxis of THP-1 cells.

Storage and Stability:
Lyophilized powder may be stored at -20C. Reconstitute to nominal volume by adding sterile ddH2O, carrier protein. Aliquot and store at -20C. Reconstituted product is stable for 12 months at -20C. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.

Molecular Weight:
Source: E. coli
Purity: 95% as determined by RP-HPLC, anion-exchange FPLC and/or reducing and non-reducing SDS-PAGE Silver Stained gel.
Concentration: ~1mg/ml
Form: Supplied as a lyophilized powder. Reconstitute with sterile ddH2O, carrier protein to 100ug/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.
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Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.