Technical Data
CLEC2B, ID (CLEC2B, AICL, CLECSF2, IFNRG1, C-type lectin domain family 2 member B, Activation-induced C-type lectin, C-type lectin superfamily member 2, IFN-alpha-2b-inducing-related protein 1)
CLEC2B encodes a member of the C-type lectin/C-type lectin-like domain (CTL/CTLD) superfamily. Members of this family share a common protein fold and have diverse functions, such as cell adhesion, cell-cell signalling, glycoprotein turnover, and roles in inflammation and immune response. The encoded type 2 transmembrane protein may function as a cell activation antigen.

Suitable for use in Western Blot, Flow Cytometry, ELISA

Recommended Dilution:
ELISA: 1:1,000
Western Blot: 1:100-500
Flow Cytometry: 1:10-50

Storage and Stability:
May be stored at 4C for short-term only. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Store at -20C. Aliquots are stable for 12 months. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap.
PabIgGAffinity Purified
200ul-20CBlue IceHumanRabbit
As reported
CLEC2B antibody is generated from rabbits immunized with a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide selected from the Central region of human CLEC2B.
Purified by Protein A affinity chromatography.
Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.2, 0.09% sodium azide.
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.
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