Technical Data
Latrunculin A (LAT-A, NSC 613011)
Biochemicals Storage: 4C/-20CShipping: Blue Ice
A cell-permeable marine toxin. Disrupts microfilament-mediated processes. Actin polymerization inhibitor in vitro and in vivo by the formation of a 1:1 complex with monomeric G-actin. Depolymerizes actin filaments (F-actin) and acts as a phagocytosis inhibitor. Anticancer compound. Suppresses hypoxia-induced HIF-1 activation in tumor cells. Inhibits tumor cell invasion.


Molecular Weight:

Storage and Stability:
Lyophilized powder may be stored at -20C. Stable for 12 months at -20C. Reconstitute with sterile buffer or dH2O. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Store at -20C. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.

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Molecular Weight:
Purity: >96 (HPLC)

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.
Product Reference:
Latrunculins: novel marine toxins that disrupt microfilament organization in cultured cells: I. Spector, et al.; Science 219, 493 (1983)
Latrunculin inhibits the microfilament-mediated processes during fertilization, cleavage and early development in sea urchins and mice: G. Schatten, et al.; Exp. Cell Res. 166, 191 (1986)
Inhibition of actin polymerization by latrunculin: A: M. Coue, et al.; FEBS Lett. 213, 316 (1987)
Latrunculin A is a potent inhibitor of phagocytosis by macrophages: C.A. de Oliveira & B. Mantovani; Life Sci. 43, 1825 (1988)
Latrunculins-novel marine macrolides that disrupt microfilament organization and affect cell growth: I. Comparison with cytochalasin D: I. Spector, et al.; Cell Motil. Cytoskeleton 13, 127 (1989)
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Latrunculin A and its C-17-O-carbamates inhibit prostate tumor cell invasion and HIF-1 activation in breast tumor cells: K.A. Sayed, et al.; J. Nat. Prod. 71, 396 (2008)
Latrunculin a has a strong anticancer effect in a peritoneal dissemination model of human gastric cancer in mice: H. Konishi, et al.; Anticancer Res. 29, 2091 (2009)

Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.