Technical Data
Acidic Hair Keratin, K37 (KRT37, Keratin 37 HA7, Hair keratin, type I Ha7, hHa7, HHA7, HKA7, K37, Keratin, type I cuticular Ha7, Keratin-37, KRTHA7, hHa7)
Type I hair keratin is one of the two types of hair keratin. It is an acidic protein which heterodimerizes with type II hair keratins to form hair and nails.

Suitable for use in Western Blot and Immunohistochemistry. Other applications have not been tested.

Recommended Dilutions:
Immunohistochemistry (Frozen): 1:200. For enhancement of cortex staining, preincubate fixed sections with Triton X-100 (in PBS) for 1-5 minutes prior to first antibody incubation step.
Western Blot (ECL): 1:2000 Incubate for 1 hour at RT.
Optimal dilutions to be determined by the researcher.

Storage and Stability:
May be stored at 4°C for short-term only. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Store at -20°C. Aliquots are stable for 12 months. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap.
100ul-20°CBlue IceHumanGuinea pig
Not Determined
Synthetic peptide corresponding to human acidic hair (trichocytic) keratin K37, conjugated to KLH. (Formally designated keratin hHa7; CGP VTG GSP SGH GAS MGR)
Supplied as a liquid, 0.09% sodium azide.
Recognizes human hair keratin K37 expressed starting from the middle cortex of vellous hairs. Negative with cells in the anagen hair follicle. Species Crossreactivity: chimpanzee
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.
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