Technical Data
Azide Dextrose Broth (Powder)
Microbiological Grade
Storage RT/4C    Shipping RT
Components shown as g/liter
Casein Digest Peptone7.5
Peptic Digest of Animal Tissue7.5
Sodium Chloride7.5
Beef Extract4.5
Sodium Azide0.2
Selective broth medium used for cultivating streptococci in water, sewage and milk. Azide Dextrose Broth is recommended for the isolation of fecal streptococci. Sodium Azide is used to inhibit Gram negative microorganisms, by inhibiting cytochrome oxidase, while allowing the growth of Gram positive microorganisms, particularly Streptococcus sp.

Directions: 1. Dissolve 34.7grams per liter of distilled/deionized water, heating to boiling with stirring until completely solubilized.

2. Dispense into appropriate containers, loosen caps and autoclave for 15-30 minutes at 121C (15 psi). Storage: Store the sealed bottle containing the dehydrated medium at 2 to 30C. Once opened and recapped, place the container in a low humidity environment at the same storage temperature. Protect it from moisture and light. The dehydrated medium should be discarded if it is not free flowing or if the color has changed from the original light beige color.

Microbiological Analysis: Enterococcus faecalis (ATCC 19433)

Appearance: Light beige, homogeneous and free flowing

Solubility: Light to medium amber and clear.

pH: 7.2 0.2

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.