Technical Data
Custom Polyclonal Antibodies, Sheep
USDA-Registered Polyclonal Production

United States Biological is known for more than the thousands of antibodies offered in our catalog. Our antibodies are produced in state of the art facilities in the US.

We maintain current USDA certification as a qualified animal research facility, and comply with the Animal Welfare Act. We follow guidelines set forth by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and have established an Institutional Animal Care and Use Commitee (IACUC) to review all production protocols prior, during and after all client programs.

Rabbits Sheep Goats Horses Chickens

Antibody Programs:
A typical standard protocol includes animal purchase, housing and care, all immunizations, bleeds and exsanguination as per our standard protocol formats. Your project may require different specifications and, therefore, prices will vary. Our costs are quite reasonable. Although we will conduct single animal programs, the additional costs to add a second animal can produce a significantly greater yield and likelihood for success.

Anti-Peptide Antibodies:
United States Biological will manufacture sufficient peptide (10-15mg) so as to perform a minimum 63 day antisera production protocol, including conjugation and immunizations and ELISA testing of all antisera.

Options available during the project include additional immunizations and bleeds beyond the stated 63 day protocol and affinity purification of antisera utilizing the peptides produced for this project to construct an affinity matrix column.

Anti-Chicken Antibodies:
Chicken antibodies offer advantages over traditional rabbit and goat polyclonal antibodies due to the evolutionary difference between these immunoglobulins. Chickens give better antibody response against conserved mammalian antigens, they do not react with rheumatoid factors, bacterial or mammalian Fc receptors and can reduce background reactions due to cross-reactivity of anti-IgG antibodies.

Antibody Quotation Worksheet:

For a quotation, please supply the following information:

1. Antigen name or peptide sequence

2. Type of protein
o Natural
o Recombinant
o Synthetic
o Purity ___%
o MW. ___

3. Conjugation
o Ovalbumin
o Thyroglobulin

4. Species
o Rabbit
o Goat
o Sheep
o Chicken
o Guinea Pig
o Rat
o Mouse
o Horse

5. Number of animals required

6. Immunization protocol
o Customer Supplied
o United States Biological Supplied
per Sheep-20CBlue Ice
Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.