Technical Data
Custom Polyclonal Antibodies, Chicken, 35 Day
USDA-Registered Polyclonal Production
United States Biological is known for more than the thousands of antibodies offered in our catalog. Our antibodies are produced in state of the art facilities in the US.

We maintain current USDA certification as a qualified animal research facility, and comply with the Animal Welfare Act. We follow guidelines set forth by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and have established an Institutional Animal Care and Use Commitee (IACUC) to review all production protocols prior, during and after all client programs.

Antibody Program:
A typical standard protocol includes animal purchase, housing and care, all immunizations, bleeds and exsanguination as per our standard protocol formats. Your project may require different specifications and, therefore, prices will vary. Our costs are quite reasonable. Although we will conduct single animal programs, the additional costs to add a second animal can produce a significantly greater yield and likelihood for success.

Standard 2 Chicken Protocol:
Standard protocol pricing includes animal purchase, housing and care up to 49 days, all immunizations, bleeds and exsanguination as per the following schedule:

Important Note:
Chickens will produce 2 to 3 eggs per week. Each yolk (about 15ml) contains antibodies at concentrations equivalent to serum levels. Chickens are a good choice for production of antibodies to certain mammalian antigens.

Pre-Peptide Consultation if necessary
Peptide Production
Peptide Conjugation

Hens will lay approximately 1 egg per day while on the nest. Hens can go off the nest for several days, hence we recommend 2 or more hens for continued production. We will require up to 100-500ug of antigen per injection. If antigen is scarce, the immunizations can be carried out with a minimum of 50ug per hen, but could delay antibody production.

Pre-immunization Bleed
Day 0 Pre-immunization bleed (eggs can be collected, too)
Antigen Injection (s.c and i.m; CFA; 100ug)
Day 14 Antigen Injection (IFA; 100ug)
Day 28 Antigen Injection (IFA; 100ug)
Day 35 First Bleed (1ml/chicken)
Egg collection (if available)
Day 42 Antigen Injection (IFA; 100ug)
Day 49 Final Production Bleed (~10ml/chicken)
Egg collection
Return of antisera and peptides

Continuation (extra cost):
Day 63 Antigen Injection (IFA; 100ug)
Day 77 Third Bleed (1ml/chicken)
Egg collection

Antibody Quotation Worksheet:

For a quotation, please supply the following information:

1. Antigen name or peptide sequence

2. Type of protein
o Natural
o Recombinant
o Synthetic
o Purity ___%
o MW. ___

3. Conjugation
o Ovalbumin
o Thyroglobulin

4. Number of animals required

5. Immunization protocol
o Customer Supplied
o United States Biological Supplied

Important Note:
Standard 35 day projects: All projects will automatically terminate 1 week after the expiration of the standard protocol unless a written request is made for the extension and additional charges are paid @$195/rabbit/month. This can be in the form of a Purchase Order. Please communicate with us in writing fax/email to avoid any confusion and make sure instruction are properly followed.
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Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.