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Custom Protein Expression, E. coli
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E. coli Expression:
United States Biological offers a recombinant protein expression service in E. coli. Our high-level recombinant protein expression system includes scale up as requested, tag removal as requested, fast turn-around time, and competitive pricing.

Phase I:
Cloning of your interest gene into bacterial expression vector with His-tag or other selected tag (such as GST or thioredoxin).

*Amplification of gene of interest out of a customer-supplied vector and subcloning of it into an expression vector.
*Verification of the authenticity of the subcloned gene by restriction enzyme digestion and sequencing.
*Transformation of recombinant construct into high efficiency expression bacterial strain.
*Mini-induction to over-express the target protein.
*Test for the expression of the recombinant protein by SDS-PAGE or/and western blot.
Estimated time: 2~4 weeks

Phase II Large-scale Culture and Purification:
Up to 1Liter of bacterial culture will be induced with IPTG and harvested for protein purification.

Protein purification using Ni-NAT (for His-tagged proteins) or glutathione (for GST-tagged proteins) beads at either native or denatured conditions.

Solubility not guaranteed
Estimated time: 2 weeks

Intended for research use only. Not for use in human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.