Technical Data
Fluid Thioglycollate Medium w/Beef Extract (Powder)
Microbiological Grade
Storage RT/4C    Shipping RT
Components are shown as g/Liter:
Beef Extract5.0
Yeast Extract5.0
Pancreatic Casein15.0
Sodium Chloride2.5
Sodium Thioglycollate0.5
Fluid Thioglycollate Medium with 0.5% Beef Extract is recommended by Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA, in the detection of viable bacteria in live vaccines. Various workers described the use of sulfhydryl compounds and low concentrations of agar, alone or in combination, to culture anaerobic organisms in a fluid broth under aerobic conditions. Other workers described the use of sodium thioglycollate in these broth media for the neutralization of mercurial preservatives. Sodium thioglycollate aIso lowers the oxidation-reduction potential of the media. Resazurin indicates the status of oxidation or aerobiosis. Dextrose is added to enhance growth.

Store the sealed bottle containing the dehydrated medium at 2 to 30.0C. Once opened and recapped, place the container in a low humidity environment at the same storage temperature. Protect it from moisture and light. The dehydrated medium should be discarded if it is not free flowing or if the color has changed from the original light beige.

Directions: 1. Dissolve 34.7grams per liter of distilled/ deionized (DDI) water, heating with stirring until completely solubilized.

2. Dispense into appropriate containers, loosen caps and autoclave for 15 minutes at 121C (15psi) Note: After storage of the medium, if 30% of the medium demonstrates oxidation (color change of indicator), reheat the medium once in boiling water or steam bath.Storage:Store powdered media at RT. Opened bottles should be capped tightly and kept in a dark, low humidity environment. Prepared media should be kept at 4C and used within a short period of time.

Appearance: Light beige, homogeneous, free flowing powder.

Solubility: Yellow, hazy to clear, complete with upper 10% of solution light to medium red upon standing.

pH (25C): 7.20.2

Microbiological Analysis: Bacillus subtilis ATCC 9372

Recommended by Agriculture Research Service CFR Amendment 70-253, 35FR16038, 10, 13, 70, :

Important Note: This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications without the expressed written authorization of United States Biological.